Reliable helpers in the arrangement of the ant farm


To get the ants and create them comfortable conditions for work and reproduction it is easily and simple! The online store Ant City offers an assortment of accessories that will make life of the ants more comfortable, and the owners of the farm will be able to watch them and monitored their possible escape.


Ants need proper care, as well as other pets. With accessories from Ant City it's not only easy to do, but also interesting, cognitive and fun. Useful things for an anthill will be:

  • Feeding troughs;
  • Colored sand;
  • Arena;
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Hygrometer;
  • Magnifying glass;
  • Pipette;
  • Brushes for cleaning the farm, etc.


Helpers for all occasions


If you have at hand a necessary set of accessories, then care for insects will not be difficult. Having miniature feeding troughs you can observe how those steadfast workers be dragging food out of it for their colony. The owner of the ant farm can help in this matter putting the feed into small cups.


Follow the temperature in the formicarium will help sensors and a thermometer. Thanks to them, you can see when the ants are getting hot, and when it's cold. It is also necessary to ventilate or humidify the rooms in the farm in time to create favorable conditions for living and breeding of insects.


With the help of colored sand, you can create an unusual formicarium drawing a whole picture or colored ornaments. The other work will be done by ants diversifying their house with labyrinths, cells and compartments.


You can observe how two species of ants from different families compete among themselves in the arena (sold with the farm`s kit or separately). In this arena you can see real battles of “universal” soldiers from the ant species.

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